The MHbAY Centre Travel Action Plan 

The purpose of the MHbAY centre Travel Action Plan is to instigate actions to help reduce visitor dependence on private cars and to increase the option of walking, cycling and public transport. Its objective is to promote these more environmentally friendly options of travel to and from the centre. The objectives of the MHbAY Centre Travel Plan could therefore be summarised as to:

1. Increase awareness and benefits of environmentally friendly travel options;

2. Promote and support environmentally friendly choices of travel and minimise car use;


We do however recognise that some visitors will choose or find themselves more compelled to drive to the Centre. For such visitors – ample parking can be found at the following locations opposite the MHbAY Centre.


• Lancaster Road – 45 parking bays

• Cobden Road – 70 parking bays

• Acacia Road – 90 parking bays

• Sansom Road –  75 parking bays

Travel plan roads

Disabled Parking Provisions 

For Disabled Blue Badge accredited visitors – there are disabled parking bays in the following locations:

• 3 between 595 and 603 High Rd Leytonstone;

• 1 at end of Cobden Road junction with Lancaster Road;

• 1 outside 38 Cobden Road;

• 1 outside 15 to 17 Lancaster Road.

Walking to the Site

We respectfully wish to encourage visitors to walk to the Centre as often as they possibly can. This is simply because not only is this a more environmentally friendly choice, it is also the safest, healthiest and least cost option.


Local Cycle Infrastructure  

The MHbAY is well located and connected to local cycling routes and the wider  London Cycle Network (LCN) . Local cycle infrastructure comprises clearly marked cycle routes on the roadway outside the centre as well as quieter roads which are also recommended by experienced cyclists. The entire route of High Road Leytonstone is facilitated with clearly marked cycle lanes connecting the High Road to a cycle network to the north toward the Green Man roundabout and to the south toward Stratford City centre. In both directions the cycle routes therefore connect to the wider and growing cycle network of Greater London.

Cycle Parking

Visitors attending the centre who want to cycle will have guaranteed free access to safe and accessible cycle parking and storage, which will be provided initially within the premises to encourage cycling. This cycle storage will be located at the front of the premises just behind the main entrance on the High Road. These will be available on a first come first serve basis for the first 20 bicycles. Where this capacity has been reached – additional spaces will be available at a bespoke cycle storage shed a mere few yards away.