— Please Donate Wholeheartedly —

Please donate wholeheartedly by sending cheques, completing the standing order forms, bank transfer or simple cash drop off at set locations. All funds are being collected in a designated and restricted fund account.

Please present this appeal to your friends, family and work colleagues and request their assistance. All respected donors are asked to stay updated with the projects progress online or by contacting us.

Invest in your hereafter

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to invest in your Hereafter. By supporting this Islamic Centre with your charitable donations, know that your reward is with Allah and that He will replace anything that you give in His cause.


Allah, the Most High says: Say: 


“Truly, my Lord enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His slaves, and (also) restricts (it) for him, and whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allâh’s Cause), He will replace it. And He is the Best of providers.””

[Saba 34:39]


The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said: 


“Charity does not decrease wealth; no one forgives except that Allah increases his honor, and no one humbles himself for the sake of Allah except that Allah raises his status.”



Barclays Bank Sort Code : 20 89 15
Account Number: 63918653
IBAN GB49 BARC 2089 1563 9186 53



Cash or Jewellery can be dropped off to

603 High Road Leytonstone,

E11 4PA
020 8144 0169