This page is dedicated to the build progress and details leading up to the Opening of Markaz Hudayfah Bin Al Yamaan.

We Will be uploading building work progress here on a weekly basis, so keep visiting this page for regular updates!

WEEK 1 Build work Pictures –

This is the demolition stage of the building, where all the old plaster work and ceilings have been removed and will soon be replaced with the new fresh plaster and paint.




WEEK 2 Build work Pictures –

Furhter demolition taking place in order to maximise space, new wiring and electrics being fitted.

WEEK 3 Build work Pictures –

New partitions and boarding up of all walls and ceilings in progress, Sound proof boards being used to minimise sound leakage and create increased acoustics.

WEEK 4 Build work Pictures –

Front area floors all levelled to enable ease of disabled user access. Plastering almost complete

WEEK 5 Build work Pictures –

New doorways being cut out for buggy storage area and entrance way to main hall.

WEEK 6 Build work Pictures –

Front area almost complete, Flooring specialists have visited to measure/advise on floor

we have also contacted suppliers and installers of specialist bike racks.

WEEK 9 BUILDING WORK PROGRESS REPORT!!🔨Lights installed, painting nearing completion. working towards completion soon إن شاء الله

OLD shopfront being removed. New one will be in place later today inshaa’Allah. 7 days to go to open. May Allah grant us success and ease.

further progress with the frontage. Front taking shape.

Alhamdulillah we have now completed the scheduled works in accordance to the local council requirements, refuse area, bike storage and disabled access all completed.